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A server is a specially designed computer system which can process requests and deliver data to other computers over a local network. Servers are typically configured with additional processing power, memory and storage capacity. Servers are designed to run 24/7 and offer additional redundancy for data storage and power.

Hardware specifications and budgets can vary considerably based on your infrastructure needs. Our highly experienced and professional team have designed, supplied and installed hundreds of new and upgraded server solutions for all types of businesses. Are you looking to upgrade an older system, or do you need help designing a new implementation from scratch? We have the skills on hand! Our team have been installing servers for the last 10 years and can support both physical and virtual installations.

What is a server and do I need one ?

- A server is a dedicated piece of computer hardware which performs specific tasks for a number of networked users.

- In a nutshell, a server provides a safe place to store your documents, spreadsheets, files, data, accounting information and everything else that is critical to your business.

- Its safe because the information stored is copied / striped or mirrored onto other drives in real time, so that should a drive fail, the server can carry on without any loss of data. In addition, a daily backup is performed to either an online storage device, or tape or disk based media which is then removed from site, providing recovery of all your data in the event of a disaster.

- Servers also manage user security (user names, passwords and the files and directories they are permitted to access), updates to operating system software and anti virus packages, store and control email, and perform all the central tasks for all your business network users.

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