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We are a IT consulting partner with innovative solutions, well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise. SmartTech IT consultants define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams

We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing a range of services – from custom application development, testing and maintenance through package deployment, upgrades and consulting. Our solutions help customers reduce cost, minimize risk and achieve improved ROI from their IT applications.

We understand the ever increasing need for talented IT professionals and we translate the knowledge and resources into advice and action that saves our clients time and money. We are fostered by a dedicated client-centric service focus resulting in over 75% of our clients.


We'll alleviate the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees by providing you with highly qualified candidates. Together, we’ll establish an agreed-upon time frame for you to evaluate each candidate on-the-job, and we will retain the individual on our payroll during that time.

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