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Your Local Computer & HP Printer Specialist Servicing

     Computer Repair is dedicated to providing the best customer service and computer repair available to you. When your Laptop, PC needs repairing, you won’t have to worry for long! Our engineers are skilled in dealing with all computers and gadgets whether you need home or business computer repairs.

  • Microsoft Windows PC Computer Repair.
  • Printer and Toner Repair.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Viruses, Malware, Adware and Ransom-ware Removal.
  • Cracked and Broken Laptop Screen Replacements.
  • Networking Installation & Configure.
  • Printer Set Ups / Troubleshooting.
  • Computer Tune Ups, Hardware Repair, Installations.
  • Charging Issues, Charging Ports Repairs and Replacements.
  • Software Installation & Updates.


  • We Discover People with ideas and experience to develop a vision for the future.
  • We Build The right tools at the right time enhance the shared economy.
  • We Connect Integrating clients with paratners is the focus of everyday business.
  • We Launch Bringing highly anticipated programs to the marketplace.
  • We Provide Creative solutions to clients around the world, creating things that get attention and meaningful.







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IT PRODUCTS services


          Replacing traditional in-house IT staff with an outsourced Managed Services Provider gives businesses a lower cost alternative and a higher level of service.When considering an IT service provider, we encourage you to choose Technology Solutions.Smart TechIT is one of the leading companies in Computer Sales that is gaining momentum each day. Backed with a strong team of highly-experienced professionals. We sell to our customers the latest and most reliable computers (Desktop) , which meet industry standards and come with the finest features and functions.Smart TechIT Sales is dedicated to provide you with the absolute and advanced technical solutions irrespective of the size of the organization or the industry you may be in. We have always endeavoured to solve your issues and provide you with world-class products.

Our Vission :
To become one of the leading service provider in the world of technology.
Our Mission :

To provide never before world-class technology services to empower mankind. To make that choice easier, we have an extensive list of systems that covers everything from standalone towers, full system combos, all-in-ones, and mini PCs.


          A must have device for everyone Smart TechIT selling Portable, easy-to-use, and efficient; laptops. It's made our lives supremely easy. Whether it’s work, gaming or personal use, laptops have simplified complicated processes and store all sizes of information securely. These days, computers are fast being replaced by laptops because they are compatible and handy. There are many laptops available from us with different features and pricing. Because of the number of options available, it can be very difficult to choose the perfect laptop.

Laptop Sales Services Salem

          As an important purchase and a necessary investment in your life, the features of a laptop should be on the top of your list. While there are different laptops available with advanced technology and functionalities, it’s important that you keep in mind your professional, personal and other requirements while buying a laptop. Following are some of the best available laptops in Smart TechIT

Latest technology in laptops :
  • 1. Notebook Laptops
  • This is a general term for a full-sized laptop that strikes a balance between portability and functionality. These can vary greatly in overall size and specification – processor speed, storage capacity, memory (RAM) and screen size.
  • 2. UltraBook UltraBook must meet specific criteria for various things such as size/weight, battery life, type of chipset (including built-in security features). Among their strong points is strong security and anti-theft protection built in at the hardware level.
  • 3. Tablet Laptops
  • Just as convertible laptops can do double-duty as a tablet, some tablets can be used as a laptop with the addition of a detachable keyboard. However, unlike a 2-in-1, they can quickly be used in tablet mode without the added weight and bulk of a keyboard.
  • 4. Convertible 2 in 1 Laptops
  • These combine the features of a laptop and a tablet. They can quickly switch between touchscreen tablet mode and traditional keyboard mode, transforming in a variety of ways, including detaching, sliding, twisting and fold-back mechanisms.
  • 5. Gaming Laptops
  • They give intense performance compared to normal laptops, have a specially designed cooling system and high-speed fans, high-end dedicated graphics and sophisticated features like backlit keyboards, sleek designs and high power-consuming compressors.


              A server is a specially designed computer system which can process requests and deliver data to other computers over a local network. Servers are typically configured with additional processing power, memory and storage capacity. Servers are designed to run 24/7 and offer additional redundancy for data storage and power.
              Hardware specifications and budgets can vary considerably based on your infrastructure needs. Our highly experienced and professional team have designed, supplied and installed hundreds of new and upgraded server solutions for all types of businesses. Are you looking to upgrade an older system, or do you need help designing a new implementation from scratch? We have the skills on hand! Our team have been installing servers for the last 10 years and can support both physical and virtual installations.


               Firewall is a network security device, either hardware or software based, which monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and based on defined set of security rules it accept, reject or drop that specific traffic. A Firewall is a type of cybersecurity tool that is used to filter traffic on a network. Firewalls can be used to separate network nodes from external traffic sources, internal traffic sources, or even specific applications. The primary goal of a firewall is to block malicious traffic requests and data packets while allowing legitimate traffic through.
              The Internet is really one large network, which includes your computer. A firewall protects your computer by acting as a gate through which both all data must pass. By blocking certain kinds of traffic, the firewall protects your computer or network from unauthorized users and safeguards your data from attack.

      Basic features :
    • Port blocking, Web security, Mac binding, Nating / Triggering, VPN-virtual private networking, Customized parental control and bandwidth allocation.


              In computing, a printer is a peripheral device which makes a persistent representation of graphics or text, usually on paper. While most output is human-readable, bar code printers are an example of an expanded use for printers. Printing a document has become pretty easy in today’s time primarily because of the inexpensive pricing of this all-important electronic item. Printers nowadays not only provide black and white printouts but also collared printouts as well and are a must-have in any office and household. On our online shopping website you can purchase all kinds of printers. In addition to that, printers can also be used for scanning, copying and faxing a document.

    HP Printers Authorised Service in Salem

               Printing, traditionally, a technique for applying under pressure a certain quantity of colouring agent onto a specified surface to form a body of text or an illustration.HP Printers Authorised Service in Salem Certain modern processes for reproducing texts and illustrations, however, are no longer dependent on the mechanical concept of pressure or even on the material concept of colouring agent. Because these processes represent an important development that may ultimately replace the other processes, printing should probably now be defined as any of several techniques for reproducing texts and illustrations, in black and in colour, on a durable surface and in a desired number of identical copies. HP Printers Authorised Service in SalemThere is no reason why this broad definition should not be retained, for the whole history of printing is a progression away from those things that originally characterized it: lead, ink, and the press.



              A Router is a networking device that connects to various local area networks and wide area networks in the Internet. It allows multiple computers or devices to connect to the Internet through a single connection. It transfers packets of data between networks to establish and sustain communication between two nodes in an internetwork. Besides, it automatically selects and sets routes according to the channel conditions, and sends signals in the optimal path in order. Router works at the third layer (network layer) of the OSI model. A router uses the destination IP address in a data packet to determine where to forward the packet. In addition, it manages the flow of data so that each computer gets the right information it needs. Routers also can be used to connect multiple networks. A wireless router is a device that performs the functions of a router and also includes the functions of a wireless access point. It is used to provide access to the Internet or a private computer network. Depending on the manufacturer and model, it can function in a wired local area network, in a wireless-only LAN, or in a mixed wired and wireless network. Welcome to the Smart Tech IT Routers store.


              A managed switch is a configurable network switch, which offers greater security, flexibility, and capacity than an unmanaged switch or normal switch. It serves as a controller, enabling networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. As a network switch , it works at the second layer (data link layer) of the OSI reference model. Managed switches are usually used to offer the most comprehensive functions for a network. Endowed with various function managements such as VLAN, CLI, SNMP, IP routing, QoS, etc, a managed switch is often seen in the core layer of a network, especially in large and complex data centers. With the increasing needs, parts of the most common two network switches, Gigabit Ethernet switch and 10GbE switch, are designed as managed switches.

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