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          Smart techit offer annual software maintenance services to our customers from different industrial segments. Our Annual Maintenance package ensures that you get the highest level of support and service, when you need it the most.Smart techit understand that your work can not come to a stand still while you wait for technical support and service.
          A computer AMC service offers multiple types of computer support options such as software support, hardware support, operating system support, antivirus support and much more. There are many benefits that your business can have if you avail computer AMC from a trusted support service provider.

Advantages of Computer AMC Services :

  • Smart techit Financial benefit:
  • Get a team of experts who can manage your IT infrastructure at way less cost. You can subscribe for monthly or yearly fee without any fluctuation in the decided budget.
  • Smart techit Focus driven business:
  • Your business and expertise is to achieve the goal and revenue of your core business. Every company has limited resources which should be utilized to drive your goal instead of focusing on non-core business. Let your IT service provider manage it.
  • Smart techit Latest Technology Access:
  • Maintenance expert team are equipped with best in class knowledge and experience. You can get access to latest technologies without wasting your time on researching.
  • Smart techit Continuous Monitoring:
  • Managed Service providers have team to monitor your infrastructure activities 24/7/365. This will ensure that the issues are resolved before they effect you.
  • Smart techit Risk mitigation:
  • Managed Service Providers ensure to implement the best practises of the industry and automate all IT processes using the best tools which will ensure up-to-date update of security and auditing compliance.
  • Smart techit Human Resource:
  • IT management not being your core business, it may be difficult to recruit, maintain and replace the IT professional. But, Outsourcing ensures resource readiness at any point.
  • Smart techit Strategic Consulting and Planning:
  • The experience of the service provider in the managed IT services business across multiple industries gives an added advantage to integrate IT processes strategically as per your business process and future planning.
  • Smart techit Growth:
  • All above benefits ensures your cost reduction, focus on core competencies and increased productivity.

    Our AMC Services in Salem:

    1. Single Window Support to all your PC Repair Needs.
    2. Computer repair and Maintenance.
    3. Laptop repair and Maintenance.
    4. Virus Protection and Virus Removal.
    5. Smart Tune Up for Better Performance.
    6. Add / Remove Computer Hardware.
    7. Printer Maintenance.
    8. Network Troubleshooting.
    9. LAN / WAN wireless setup.
    10. Free Critical Software Updates, Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs.
    11. Optimized PC/Speed up your computer.
    12. Security against hackers.

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